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“Barrio Exists Because We Resist”

-Chef Carlos Rosas

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BARRIO was born as a family business at the Marin Farmers Market  2013-to 2017 then opened as Barrio Fresca cocina Mexicana at the Barlow in Sebastopol.

Mexican Street food can also carry a gourmet touch.

Barrio brings a new era of Mexican street food in Marin and Sonoma county using wild arugula on tacos and garnishing with fresh micro-greens or micro-cilantro. Carlos is the first chef who introduced Californian ingredients to upscale Mexican street food.

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Every Two Weeks

Our Chef’s Special changes every two weeks.

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Chef and funder Carlos Rosas Create Barrio concept based on his pedigree work and background working with some of the best Chefs and Restaurateurs in the Bay Area. 
Chef Carlos knows the Fine Dining industry from the front of the house to the back of the house, his expertise in the matter changed something in his mind about Mexican Street Food.
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